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Hi! I'm Liz - farmer, artist, educator.


There is an innate sense of health residing within you, but let me guess - it's covered up. Your health is hidden behind stress, pressures of success, and a busy schedule.

The path back to health is like peeling an onion. As you remove layers of external expectations, stagnant emotion, and disconnect you open up space to experience joyful connection to your food, your health, and your life!

This process takes time, but the process is the most important part of any journey and should be fun! That's why I'm not about strict regimens, calorie counting, or punishing your body. Nope. I'm about cultivating joyful connection.


My unique approach includes one-on-one sessions in nature that incorporate art, mindfulness practice, and honest conversation.

The health of the planet, the land, and your body begins with you.

Are you ready to start? 

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