What to Do With Lots of Tomatoes

Do you ever find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes at the height of summer, unsure of how to use them up before they lose their quality?

I feel ya.

I work part-time in the local food industry in Northern New Mexico where we are fortunate to have access to local goods year round. One way this is possible is thanks to a few hydroponic farmers. One farm, Growing Opportunities, grows heirloom tomatoes through the season thanks to their operation methods, and there were a couple of weeks at work when we had an abundance of tomatoes left over after packing local food subscription bags.

I took the tomatoes home, and then felt promptly overwhelmed by how to use them up before they went bad.


This easy-peasy roasted recipe for a delicious, sweet companion to pasta, pizza, or to freeze for future use.



Lots of tomatoes (any kind: cherry tomatoes, heirloom, roma)

Olive oil (a generous pour)

8-12 garlic cloves

Generous sprinkle of sea salt

Dash of black pepper

Dried or fresh herbs (like oregano, thyme, basil)


1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

2) If using cherry tomatoes, toss them on the sheet whole. If using heirloom tomatoes, or a larger variety, halve or quarter them and toss them on the baking sheet. Keep tomatoes in single layer on the sheet.

3) Remove garlic peels and toss whole cloves onto the baking sheet amidst the tomatoes.

4) Drizzle the mix with olive oil (eyeball it).

5) Sprinkle sea salt, a dash of pepper, and some herbs of your choice across the mixture. Toss everything with your hands.

6) For larger tomatoes, like heirloom, roast for 45-55 minutes.

7) For cherry tomatoes, roast for 15 or so minutes (until bursted).

8) Allow tomatoes to cool completely if storing in the fridge (about 5 days) or the freezer (4-6 months)

9) If using right away, toss with pasta or use as a topping on pizza. Alternatively, place in a pot and use an immersion blender to make the delicious roast into a sauce.

10) Enjoy!

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