Quick and Simple Breakfast Sandwiches

When I'm looking for a quick and simple go-to meal, I usually turn to this breakfast sandwich. It is packed with local goodness from the bread to the spinach to the jam. Plus, it's easy and tasty every time.

Because I usually build this bad boy when my schedule is full and I'm rushing out the door, I'm including a "Mindful Moment" exercise that I like to practice before I chow down. This helps me press pause to be fully present to my food before I consume it and run off to the next thing.



Simple Breakfast Sammies


2 slices of local bread (some of my favorites are Green Chile Cheese Bread, Sourdough, or Seeded)

2 local eggs

1 dab of butter

1 spoonful of local jam (I love Heidi's Red Chile Raspberry Jam!)

1 handful of local spinach


1) Pop the slices of bread in the toaster.

2) While bread is toasting, fry the eggs to your liking (I typically prefer them just a tad runny).

3) When bread is toasty, slather with butter and jam.

4) When eggs are done, pile on one slice of bread.

5) Pile your handful of spinach on top of those delightful eggs.

6) Secure this tower of deliciousness by placing your second slice of toast on top and smushing down.

7) Mindful Moment* (see below)

8) Eat!

*Mindful Moment:

Before you dive into your delicious sandwich, take a moment to:

1) Take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2) As you breathe deeply, notice the patterns of the warm food before you.

-What colors do you see?

-What textures are present?

-Do you notice any interesting shapes in your sandwich?

3) Make a mental note of the ingredients that you find the most beautiful and how they are about to nourish your body.

4) Enjoy your meal!


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