Planting Seeds

Planting your own food and flowers is an act of hope for the future, a powerful way to connect with nature's cycles, and a fun activity to do as a family! 

Whether you are planting seeds in the ground for a beautiful garden, or you are planting figurative seeds with dreams for the future, here are a few lessons I've learned from the process:

1. Set Intentions

When I'm in the flow of an activity, I can easily get so absorbed with the process that I forget to be intentional about my actions. When I'm planting, I like to set an intention as I place each seed into the soil. An intention for nourishment, for joy, for growth and expansion. What intentions will you plant with your seeds this season?

2. Release Expectations

Nature is unpredictable. Her cycles ebb and flow and we are asked to move with her with as much grace and faith as possible. When I get set on specific expectations of how my initial planting process will come to fruition, or when I have a specific visual of the intentions I set, I can become closed off to the true miracles that are sprouting and growing all around me. What unexpected discoveries can you make in your garden this season?

3. Consistency is Key

Show up. Repeat.

When I was working consistently on a farm harvesting, washing, and packing produce, the thing that became so deeply distilled in me was consistency. Farmers show up every day to tend to the soil, to water, to respond to the needs of the seeds. Without this consistency, weeds run wild, plants dehydrate, and a bountiful harvest is even more of a gamble.

Keep showing up: even when it's hot, even when it's hard, even when you're tired. A little a day goes a long way.

4. Trust

Trust the process. Seeds are a powerful example of all of the transformation and expansion that can go unseen. Though we can't witness the full process of a seed growing within the soil, once the first sprout pops into the world we get to watch it evolve into a beautiful flower, stalk of corn, or string of tomatoes. What magic there is when we let go and trust that great changes are taking place even when it might not seem like anything is happening.

5. Enjoy the Harvest

When the harvest does roll around, I've found that I can get so caught up in the busy-ness of the high season that I forget to really get grounded and fully appreciate all of the abundance at hand. Make sure to take moments to press pause and fully enjoy the fruits of your labor with delicious meals, pies, and community.

Enjoy your planting season with these free illustrated printable seed packets! You can download the packets right here.

Happy Planting!



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