Mini-Magic: Celebrating the seemingly mundane

Hi Friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I've recently been reflecting on my purpose with Prints & Plants. What I keep returning to is using art to share the magic of the seemingly mundane with you.

Each day, I'm on the hunt for the moments that may easily get glossed over amidst a lengthy to-do list. Moments like:

-the morning light just before the sun rises over the mountain ridge to wake up the world.

-settling into the corner of my couch with my favorite blanket, a cup of tea, and a new book from the library (currently: Persuasion by Jane Austin).

-a morning cup of coffee while the house is still quiet and it seems everything is submerged in silence.

-a hand-written letter to a friend on a handmade card or a beautiful digital design (current inspiration: Cat Snapp Studio and Paperless Post).

These are the moments which, when I truly recognize and take time to tap into them, I feel truly alive. These are the moments that remind me what a gift it is to be here. These are the moments that remind me that there are many mini-moments of magic every day waiting to be seen. I want to share these moments with you and celebrate them together.

With this mission in mind, I am in the planning stages of rebooting this blog which will now be called "Mini-Magic" to share one drawing with you each day that celebrates the seemingly mundane. Some days will just be a drawing. Some days will be longer form.

I'm going to be real: I've attempted a consistent blog many times over and have always fallen off the wagon. I get "too busy" (aka: I don't make time for it), I wait for inspiration, I "run out of ideas."

But I'm at it again, and this time I'm seeing this "Mini-Magic" blog as both a celebration and a creative practice. It is a way to hold myself accountable to make every single day.

I found the power of this consistent practice during #the100dayproject this year and want to keep the momentum going. I want to share life's joys with you! I want to show up even when I don't feel like it and create when I don't feel inspired and when I do.

Expect this blog to get into its consistent daily rhythm sometime between November-January.

As a preview, here is the first Mini-Magic blog sketch inspired by my current favorite day (Friday) at my current favorite coffeeshop. Every Friday, I block off time for learning. I devote at least one hour to (currently) learn more about surface pattern design.

I love having time to enjoy a good cup of brew and keep expanding my creative practice!

What's your mini-magic moment today?

I look forward to sharing in this journey with you and seeing where these mini-magic moments lead.

Talk Soon!


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