Life in One Place

Work in Progress for "Soil/Life in One Place," illustration by Liz Brindley

Two years ago, I picked up a copy of Local Flavor magazine and read an article about a woman named Arina who named her farm, "Lots of Life in One Place." I was so struck by this title and sentiment, that a clipping from the article has been taped up in my studio since.⁠ I've had the privilege to travel, but the more I've connected with the land through farming and with community through food, the phrase, "Lots of Life in One Place," pops into my mind every time I leave. I crave the familiarity, and the unknowns waiting to be discovered, back home.⁠ These days, most of us are spending lots of life in one place. I'm reflecting on how much there is to discover in staying put, how much there is to learn from the same patch of land day after day, how infinity resides in what might normally be cast off as mundane or routine. ⁠ As I draw this patch of soil piece by piece, I find a sense of grounding that soil is also lots of life in one place. And though it stays put, it overflows with microscopic forms of life feeding the plants and the seeds and the foods we consume. ⁠ And though it stays put, I don't know of many things as interesting as this universe beneath our feet. ⁠

"Soil/Life in One Place," ink on paper by Liz Brindley, 2020

You can purchase a print of this illustration here.

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