Easy & Simple Veggie Roast

Hey creatives!

When I wrote the prompt, "A dish that takes one hour to create," I was intimidated. My brain started to scramble asking what in the world I'd make that would take an hour to to create when typically I take 30 minutes or less to cook a meal that lasts me days.

I'm all for taking a full day to cook an elaborate meal that does take hours on end, but in this season of my life (especially after the long cooking marathons for the holidays), I was not revved up to enter that mode again just yet.

So instead, I found a loophole. I roasted root veggies. Yup. It was about 15 minutes of prep and about 45 minutes of lettin' those beauties sit in the oven to soften up and get nice and roasty-toasty.

This was the perfect dish to create because I was heading out of town and needed to use up the produce I had on hand. This included:

-the biggest beets I've ever seen that were given to me fresh from the fields (protip: befriend a farmer)

-half a purple cabbage (I cannot stop eating purple cabbage this winter. I crave it all the time. Apparently it's high in Vitamin C. I think it's my body's medicine for the chilly months).

-and some carrots.

That was it. Just three simple veggies that I usually don't pair altogether (beets and carrots? Yes. Beets, carrots, and cabbage? Not so much).

I peeled the ginormous beets which in all honesty took most of the 15 minutes of prep time. Once peeled, I chopped those bad boys up, cut the carrots into half-moon slices, and sliced up the cabbage without any true rhyme or reason. I tossed all of the veggies in a glass oven baking dish with olive oil, salt, pepper, and some dried herbs like oregano, basil, and thyme (but get creative! Experiment! Use whatever you have on hand and whatever you see fit).

Then I simply popped the veggie mix into the oven at 425 degrees and let it do its thing. While the veggies roasted, I was able to work on other tasks like creating drawings and writing blog entries.

So, was this an hour dish? Yes.

All active? No way.

Before I knew it, those veggies came out of the oven and mmm, mmm, mmm I burned myself pretty bad. And also had a delicious, colorful roasted collection of produce to enjoy. Delicious as a side dish or the main attraction (just add beans, tempeh, or veggie sausage for a dash of protein).

How are you getting creative with this prompt?


Roasted Root Veggies

Time: 1 hour total (15 minute prep; 45 minute inactive)

Serves: 2-4 people (depending on hunger levels)


Root veggies of choice (in this case I used two carrots, two large beets, and half a cabbage)

Olive oil

Sea salt

Fresh or dried herbs of choice (when roasting veggies I like to use a blend of dried Italian herbs like oregano, thyme, and basil)

Optional: Beans, tempeh, or veggie sausage for protein


1) Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit

2) Chop your veggies of choice. If using beets, peel the beets before chopping. Chop veggies into small circles or half-moons.

3) Put chopped veggies into rectangular glass baking dish and drizzle with olive oil

4) Sprinkle veggies with salt and herbs of choice and toss with your hands

5) Pop that bad boy in the oven and roast for 45 minutes or until fork tender

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