Beginner's Mind: How to start

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Hi friend, and Happy New Year!

A fresh beginning. As much as beginnings bring feelings of possibility, expansion, and new goals, they can also be pretty intimidating.

Entering 2020 feels like looking at a blank canvas or an empty sheet of paper. All of that space staring back can be terrifying. The fear of messing up can prevent me from starting. The spaciousness is honestly a bit unfamiliar as I am used to filling up my calendar, to-do list, and making a list of goals longer than my arm that intimidates more than inspires.

Can you relate?

That's how I feel starting this blog. I'm tempted to put it off, this practice I've been starting and stopping for years on end (P.S. This is why I'm leaving all of the previous blog posts from past years visible. I'm tempted to delete them because I cringe when I look at some posts, embarrassed by the early drawings, and perplexed of some avenues that I no longer want to walk down. But I feel it is more important to show the arc of process and progress in creativity rather than just the polished "end").

I'm tempted to research which blog platform to use, to read every article I can find on "how to write an effective blog post," and create an album of the prettiest pictures to include throughout the year.

While these may seem like good things to do, and they might help, they are also forms of productive procrastination that stem from fear.

I want to know exactly where I'm going and I want to know every single stop along the way. I want a plan, so I make a plan. And then life laughs (really. half of this blog post just got deleted and I had to start again. The practice of beginning!)

But one of the biggest lessons I learned from #the100dayproject last year is that it's okay to not know the end result. It's okay to not know where you're headed. Beginning will lead you there. Each step illuminates the next.

Yes, beginnings are awkward and messy and terrifying. But the beginning also holds so much beauty because there is possibility and openness and fewer defined limits!

So, I'm saying this for you and me both:

Just. Start.

Just start! Put one mark on that blank page. Add one goal into your calendar. Write one sentence.


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

My Vision?

I see this Mini-Magic blog as a place for this community to gather and revel in the beauty waiting to be seen each day through food, creativity, and the natural world.


My Plan?

To show up here every Wednesday of 2020 with you. To fulfill another childhood dream of becoming an author (that's what life is after all, isn't it? A becoming. An unraveling.)

I'm also drawing every day of 2020 and will share the weekly recap in each blog post (see below!).

Lastly, I plan to let go. To allow. To see where this journey leads rather than trying to control every step. To find the beauty waiting in the nooks and crannies of this process.

I can't wait for you to join me on this journey!

I'm curious: what are you beginning? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers to an abundant 2020!


The first daily drawings of 2020:

January 1, 2020:

Making Lefse with the family!

January 2, 2020:

Homemade coffee creamer. Experimenting with a cardamom mix inspired by my Norwegian roots :)

January 3, 2020:

Coffee and ice crystals. Not sure what was happening with this mug so moved to more abstract organic forms for a moment. Also, what shifts when faith is greater than fear?

Until next week!

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