Stress . . . it's what's for dinner

Do you ever feel like you're not only eating the food on your plate, but also all of the emotions that have piled up throughout your day? Let's be real. What we're eating isn't always just food. It is also stress, frustration, joy, peace. How you feel when you sit down to eat can greatly impact your munching experience: how much you eat, how you feel while you eat, how you feel after you eat, and your overall digestion.

I've definitely had meals where, right after the fact, my stomach is crying out that I was eating emotions with my food AND using food to push down fully expressing my feelings.

A couple of months ago, I was cookin' up some lunch with my partner. In the process of making some rockin' egg sammies, we started to argue (probably because we were both at a level 9 on the hunger scale . . . and 10 is the highest. You know that moment? When suddenly you're so ravenous you're ready to eat anything in sight and take your hunger out on whoever's around? Just me?). So we started to argue as we cooked which led to a frustrating and stressful situation.

Instead of expressing my stress (mostly because in that moment I didn't have the words for it), I sat down to eat my sandwich in silence with anger still bubbling up inside. I finished my meal, cleaned my plate, and within one hour felt nauseous, had indigestion, and was lettin' out some really gnarly burps (TMI?).

My body was sayin', "Hey Liz, there's something you need to say that you didn't. You used food to suppress your feelings which led to you to munch on stress and eggs instead of just eggs" (my body is pretty verbose).

I had a conversation with my partner that gave space for us to fully express our perspectives. We resolved our argument and moved into renewed peace and balance. Ahh, relief. Like a burp (but more meaningful), expressing my emotions directly helped my body release pent up feelings to return to calm where proper digestion could take place.

There were leftovers from the meal, so the next day at lunch I sat down to the same plate of food, but this time with no emotions pushed down and no stress from the environment. I ate with peace. An hour later I felt fueled, energized, and had zero issues with my digestion. Coincidence? I think not.

I'm diving deeper into this topic in a live workshop: "Eating our Silence: Untangling emotions from food" on Monday, November 19th at 5:30 PM (Mountain Time) - just in time for the holidays. Join me to learn how to stop using food to stifle your voice, express your true desires, and manage the stress that can come with the holidays.

The class is 30 minutes (for all y'all with busy schedules) and is $15.

Reserve your seat right here:

See you there!



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