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Health is Happenin'!

The journey back to health is like peeling an onion. As you remove unwanted layers of weight, stress, and stagnant emotion, you uncover your core health - only to discover it has been within you all along.
The origin of the word "health" is "whole". You are already whole, just as you are. But maybe you feel disconnected from the health that already exists within you. 
I'm here to guide you back to wellness. 

My 1:1 coaching helps with many layers:

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Stress Reduction

Join me for a mini-retreat to cultivate more peace and balance in your daily life. 

Emotional Eating

Identify the emotions you consume with your food so you can release them to welcome joy.

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Mindful Eating 

Slow down at meal time to experience a greater sense of joy and connection to your food.

Plant-Based Livin'

Take steps to enjoy more produce on your plate, one veggie at a time.

Weight Loss

What if that excess weight is actually unreleased creativity or emotions? 


“Working with Liz is like a breath of fresh perspective! She has given me great tips on reducing my stress and is very knowledgeable when it comes to healthy options for your life.


I was able to open myself up emotionally to move past some struggles I had internally with myself. I always left our sessions feeling empowered and alive!”

-Michelle Castillo

What is it like to work with Liz?

Ready to step into your healthiest life?