Thank you for joining the  Prints & Plants Present Pack! I'm so excited to share fresh designs with you each month that help you relax and get inspired. 

Below you will see each month's files. Simply select the month to download the drawings to print or color on your iPad (or both!). You will create your special username and password to access your drawings. 

Come back here on the 1st of each month (don't worry I'll remind you) to access your new drawings.

Scroll down for a  simple step-by-step guide on how to use your files once you have downloaded.

Your Coloring Pages:

*Make sure you favorite the month folder (e.g. "September") by clicking the star icon. This will save the folder of files to your membership account. This will allow you to log in to the Prints & Plants site at any point, navigate to your profile, select "Files" and see your favorites to download the drawings in the future.

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How to Use Your Files:

To Print and Color the Old School Way (you know, markers!):
1) On your computer, open the current month folder (e.g. September) and open the "For Print" folder.
2) Download the page you want to color first.

3) Open up the PDF and select to print on 8.5 x 11" paper (make sure you select borderless to prevent the image from getting cut off).
4) Print.

5) Color with your favorite markers, pencils, or crayons! :)

For Procreate on your iPad:
1) On your iPad, open the current month folder (e.g. September) and open the "For iPad" folder.

2) Download the page you want to color first. Save it to your files on your iPad. Now it is saved in your images.
3) Open Procreate and click photo button to select the coloring page.
4) Add a new layer and drag it underneath the coloring page file.
5) Color on the layer that is underneath so you color under the black lines.


Color Away!

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