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I'm Liz: Food Illustrator and Farmer in Northern New Mexico. You can usually find me in my studio drawing food, but if I'm not there, I'm probably weeding a row of greens, checking out a tower of books from the library, or dancing to Earth, Wind, and Fire while I cook a delicious meal. 

Curious what it would be like to work together?

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Photo courtesy Story Portrait Media for Squash Blossom Local Food


With a multitude of illustrators and designers it is important to choose someone who is both easy to work with and can craft your brand's desired aesthetic. How does Liz do this?

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Liz is committed to creating imagery for your brand that aligns with your vision to make you stand out from the crowd.  Her unique style will make your brand hard to forget.


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Incorporating artwork into your business can open the eyes of your customers to experience a deeper connection to the food you serve and the mission of your business. Liz is committed to raising awareness for your business through art.


Liz is all about honest communication to bring your vision and ideas to life. She sees each illustration and design project as a co-creation process with you to deliver a final product that best suits your needs.


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Liz views her work with you as a team effort. Together you will craft an aesthetic for your business that delivers an enjoyable experience for you as a client and a memorable experience for your customers to keep 'em coming back!


Love food? So does Liz! Her experience as a farmer gives her a unique perspective to believe in your food business as much as you do. She's committed to visually sharing the value of your work with your customers.


Liz Brindley is also a member of 

Illustrators for Hire,

a Curated Global List of Illustrators, 

Since 2020



Liz graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN in 2015 with a BA and Distinction in Studio Art & Art History. After graduating, she was selected to participate in a nine month residency in Minnesota during which time she discovered her passion for food focused art.


Liz's artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the United States including New Jersey, Minnesota, New York, and New Mexico. 


Liz is also the recipient of a National Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award for one of her artworks that went on to be selected by the President's Committee on the Arts & Humanities for an exhibition in Washington D.C.

Liz believes in art's power to spark a renewed sense of reverence and inspiration in your life. She teaches hands-on skills to give you creative confidence and experience more joy each day. 


Liz's teaching experience includes the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens, Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, and Skillshare. 

Santa Fe NM United States

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